Cool Mama Fridge Deodorises


Cool Mama is the great, fun way to keep strong smells and bad odours from tainting the contents of your fridge, using everyday baking soda or powder.

No matter how hard you try, your fridge can be a source of some pretty strong smells. Whether it garlic, mature cheese, onions, fish or even forgotten things at the back of the veggie drawer. There nothing worse than opening your fridge door, in search of fresh delicious food, and being greeted by more than just the light coming on, as powerful odours waft in your face and spoil your appetite.
SMART - While Microwaving, Steam Blasts out of Mama's Head Softening Most Grease and Grime
PRACTICAL - Forget About Scrubbing for Hours. Cool Mama cuts Microwave Cleaning Time in Less Than Half.
STYLE - Cute, Clever Design, Will Make a Great Gift for Any Occasion.
DURABLE - Made with Heat- Resistant Materials. Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Material: Plastic, Eco-Friendly
How to use 
  1. Remove the top of Mama's hair by twisting counter-clockwise. Pour vinegar and water till each of the respective markings. Replace the top and twist to lock in place.
  2. Microwave for 5 - 8 minutes on a high setting. After about 2 minutes steam will start to blast out.
  3. Remove the Mama by the elbows.
  4. Just wipe down the microwave with a sponge, napkin or rag, and voila a spotless clean microwave