Digital Plants Soil Monitor

Digital Plants Soil Monitor which is 4 in 1 Smart Plant Monitor, greatly helps you to monitor and analyse moisture, sunlight, temperature and fertilizer, help you know more about soil and care your plants more rational.
  • Smart Flower Care APP: Intelligent bluetooth connecting,support APP management (compatible with iOS & Android), easily monitor your plants' health directly by your smartphone and real-time alert of your plants' needs
  • Multi-Plant Tracking: The smart plant monitor soil tester can identify 3000 kinds of plants,real-time obtain the specific growth parameters of plants,make your flower and plant always stay healthy and vibrant
  • Intelligent Plant Sensors:The coolest feature is that the numbers update in real-time.The parameter recordings to build the hourly/weekly/monthly graphs are saved inside the sensor device, and then these are synced to the smartphone the next time you connect
  • Smart Plant Monitor: Real-time Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Smart Sensors
  • Waterproof design with battery that lasts up to 365 days
  • REAL TIME SENSOR: Smart plant sensor that provides accurate, real-time readings on Sunlight, Moisture, Temperature, and Soil Fertility
  • EXPERT CARE TIPS: Analyzes and tracks daily plant growth in real-time, and provides expert tips on how to better take care of your flower/plant/vegetables/herbs
  • FULL SPECIES COVERAGE: Database supports more than 5,000 different flower and plant species with customized care recommendations for each
  • FRIENDLY APP: Connects via Bluetooth to a free, user-friendly mobile app. Store daily growth record in iOS & Android App. 
  • EASY SETUP: Quick set-up process that guarantees you will have a green thumb in no time!
  • Battery included