Headphones Cord Winder

  • Size: 72 x 52 x 28 mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • size: Approx 7.2cm*5.2*2.8cm
  • Features:

100% Brand New And High quality

Dedicated wire digital electronic products collected,

Resolve receiver data cable, charging cable, headphone cable and other wire entanglement, knotted, messy problems. An automatic closing thread can easily solve!!! Elastic recovery, automatic, COOL.

Special design products, greatly reducing the digital life era has brought trouble finishing. Do not let the cumbersome wires to disrupt our home, our office, our luggage, an up finishing it!!! Store and organize the best choice for wire , easy cable management make the fingertips.

  • Instructions for use:

Closing line:

Fold the wire, bend hooks to hang on to the receiving thread

Gently inclined towards the next pull, the line will scroll yourself away

Take the line:

Both ends of the thread to pull together a straight line, when the line is pulled up to the last time,

Slow pull, gently oblique mention to remove the wire can be,

Take automatically clamped