• HIGH VISIBILITY RUNNING VEST GEAR: Wireless turn signal Safety running led night lights vest allows motorists to see your turning signal well in advance. High visibility keeps your safe in all weather and light conditions, and the turning signal vest will reduces risks of any accidents.
  • SAFE DESIGN CONCEPT: The led safety vest built-in LED glowing tube lights is a wearable electric light for your torso or travel bag. Press up the remote control button and use it to indicate you're turning right, left, or set it for blinking warning so vehicles and other cyclists can see you.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO WEAR: Reflective running led lightweight vest has elastic strap buckle designed for easy on and off, quickly release. And it fits any size of body with adjustable buckle. It is a Amazing gift - Get one for the cyclist or jogger you want to keep safe.
  • MORE NOTICEABLE THAN REFLECTORS: LED warning lights are sure to be seen, and much more effective than reflectors and bright-colored clothing. You can wear it in the rain, it made of a soft, comfortable, and waterproof polyester.
  • APPLICATION: Great for road side construction workers, tow truck drivers, traffic directors and parking attendant, also fit for outdoor activitives- running, cycling, dog-walking, jogging, car safety, motorcycling and horse riding and other activities. It's the safest option for visibility when traveling roadside day or night.