Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp

  • Mosquito killer: Automatic mosquito directly kill mosquitoes, unlike the traditional insect repellent film, mosquito repellent just like the mosquito away, after the mosquito will come back.
  • Safety and hygiene: Do not use any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safety and environmental protection.
  • Easy operation: Without any auxiliary tools, directly connected to the power can be used. Active net cover built-in safety switch, open the grid High voltage power grid can be clean without electricity, do not have to mention the power grid will have the risk of residual high voltage, simple, convenient and safe.
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection? Power consumption is very low, even if the use of 24 hours a day, but only a loss of 2.89 kWh a month.
  • Light soft & quiet: No noise,does not affect sleep, the appearance of lovely, give you a romantic, warm.