Portable Face Spray Bottle Nano Mister

  • Features: The handy facial steamer can be used as a portable charger, power capacity is 2600 mAh which can charge your cell phone for more than 1 hour.
  • Nano Ionic Deep Moisturized - Adopt ultra high-speed vibration technology, split water into tiny nanometre particles to make the effective component penetrate into skin and deep hydrating without ruining makeup. The Nano Facial Steamer can relax, soothe tired skin instantly, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin sensitive, deep moisturizing to make your skin soft and full of elasticity.Best Dry & Oil Skin Treatment for skin Whitening.
  • Rechargeable - USB Rechargeable Design, can be connected to computer for charging. 2 hours charging time with charge reminder. USB cables are provided, no need buying battery. Can also be used as a power bank to charging for your phone.
  • Water Replenishment - 25 ml,Full charge can work for about 20 minutes. Better use Mineral water and do no fill with Distilled water, running water or high concentration essence astringent.
  • Portable And Elegant - Designed as a mini size in your handbag or pocket. Moisturize your skin anytime and anywhere. Enjoy facial sauna no matter where you are, at office, on flights, outdoor, at dressing room and so on. Elegant design make the Sprayer great for personal use, or as a gift.