The Pug Area Rug

The Pug Area Rug celebrates all that is wonderful about these dogs! Woven in soft earth tones, this delightful rug features a fetching portrait of four irresistible Pug pups.

Created with love and pride by our team of skilled weavers, the beautiful portrait captures the loyalty and sweet disposition that make Pugs so special. And a heart-tugging sentiment -- You look at me with eyes of love; you never hold a grudge. You think I'm far too wonderful to criticize or judge -- adds a perfect final touch.

The Pug Area Rug
 is both resilient and durable. This makes it perfect for so many uses from welcoming guests in a high traffic area to warming up a favorite room as a decorative touch.

Production Information 
  • 32.10 Oz. Made from 20% Plush, 70% Sponge, 10% Non-woven Fabric.
  • Stain resistant, easy to vacuum, and perfect for any room and decor.
  • Super soft and excellent hand feeling.