Yoga Circles Pilates

  • EXCELLENT DESIGN AND HIGHLY QUALITY: high-strength compression resistance, can support 300 kg, environmentally friendly and odorless, non-slip index.
  • BACK BEND IS NOT DIFFICULT: easy to create elegant charm curve, a new generation.
  • ADHERE TO FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY:  you will have the perfect body
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: selection TPE non-slip index +++. The use of high tear strength, high density, flexibility and resilience are more TPE material as the outer ring buffer effectively relieve the discomfort of movement, reducing the contact force.
  • HIGH-STRENGTH COMPRESSION RESISTANCE PP MATERIAL INNER RING: sturdy circle with s new environmentally friendly PP material, effectively enhance the impact resistance, load up to 300 kg.
  • GREEN AND TASTELESS, GOOD FOR HEALTH: environmental TPE outer ring marteial, environmentally friendlly tasteless, skin contact with zero distance.